How we know about ice cream.

Soft Serve Ice cream has been in our family since 1976. My father in law Michael purchased the business from his best mate Theo and ran the ice cream business for many years.  He loved the freedom and cherished the relationships he built over time with his loyal customers. Dad, unfortunately, lost his battle with cancer in 2002, but his legacy endures.

Our mission today is to provide our quality treats from the most professionally operated ice cream trucks all over Sydney. We are a family owned and operated business.  We put a smile, our heart and soul into every treat we serve to our customers just the way Dad taught us.

Our soft serve ice cream with its signature swirl is only produced with the finest of Italian ice cream machines, made by Carpigiani, the first company to produce a commercial soft serve ice cream machine.

We have kept the love of serving happiness to our customers, with fresh, tasty ingredients and upgraded to a modern Mercedes Sprinter, fitted out with a modern Carpigiani machine, slushies, hot fudge sundaes, and even a monitor to roll out visuals at our large serving windows.

We look forward to making your next event, party or festival special with our delicious ice cream treats from our family to yours.

Theona Draganis